Kosmos’ proprietary voice-first conversational AI tech enables contact centers to decrease the ratio of human agents to calls by resolving calls without recourse to human agents. This leads to shorter call times, lower payroll costs, improved customer satisfaction and increased productivity of human agents.

  • Kosmos’ capabilities are based on a proprietary context-encoded, NLU engine, which makes formal semantic comprehension possible. An expressive new modeling technology allows for intricate and nuanced human-like conversation design which is not available from major competing Voice AI offerings, Amazon (Lex) and Google (DialogFow).  

  • Kosmos’ service tightly couples the Kosmos Natural Language Processing (NLU) engine with an ASR subsystem fully optimized to deliver sub-second system responses, which feel natural and responsive. 

  • When callers contact a Kosmos enhanced Intelligent Contact Center (ICC) they are instantly greeted personally by a synthetic agent who is aware of call history and actions taken, as well things like order status and previous or ongoing support issues. Callers are able to ask a range of FAQs, which the synthetic agents are able to answer using omnichannel communication.


Kosmos' Proprietary technology is the Neural Symbolic Machine (NSM)™, which combines graph theory and deep learning to enable human-like AI agents to accomplish complex tasks through voice-first conversation. Kosmos AI+ is the only AI engine on the market capable of continuous response conversation. Kosmos AI integrates with a wide range of CRM, logistics and business management applications.

“Delivering transformational change to the customer contact experience” 


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